Having and manicure involves cleaning and shaping your nails along with treating your cuticles, which is a vital step for maintaining healthy, strong nails. Any dead skin cells will be removed with an exfoliator. The reasons we use exfoliation is to improve the circulation and stimulate the blood flow through your hands. Not every manicure includes painting the nails afterwards, but the choice is completely up to the client. This means that not only will your hands be cared for, but your nails will look presentable too. 


As one of the more neglected parts of the body, our feet can go without treatment for months. A lot like manicures, a pedicure entails the treatment of your cuticles, an exfoliation and either a blade or rasp to remove dead and hard skin. The massage involved in the pedicure is used to relieve muscle aches and improve circulation. A moisturiser is also used at the end to make sure your feet stay soft and decrease heel cracking. 

Gel Varnish 

Gel varnish on your natural nails is a lot more popular than normal varnish. This is because it lasts a lot longer being able to last two weeks minimum. It also gives a lot more strength to the nail meaning you have more chance of growing them. There is also a lot more designs available with gel polish than there is with ordinary nail varnish. 

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Cuticle Oil 

The main benefits of cuticle oil to the nail and cuticle area moisturises, restores health and helps protect your nails and cuticles against trauma. Applying cuticle oil increases circulation around your nails, stimulating nail growth. Cuticle oil should always be recommended for daily use of clients wearing and type of nail enhancements. 


Acrylics are a longer lasting nail system that when applied length removed in the correct way with cause no harm to your natural nail. Acrylics can be done in any n, shape or design whilst your natural nail is growing underneath. Acrylic nails work out more affordable keeping up with appointments at Sparkle Nails as prices are suited to match customer satisfaction. 

Hand Files 

At Sparkle Nails we only use hand files and do not allow the use of electric files. Hand files are a lot healthier for the nails and more beneficial for the strength and growth of the natural nails. Electric files can cause holes, deep ridges and trauma to the nail, whereas hand files are a lot smoother to the surface and more precise when filing the nails. Electric files can also cause a burning sensation when the speed is set too high. 
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