About Sparkle Nails 

Sparkle Nail was first created in 2012. I found myself in a difficult place in my life, being in a situation where I found myself on benefits after having no source of income. I was going through a divorce whilst parenting 5 children. I knew I had a strong talent and passion for nails and therefore came the creation of ‘Sparkle Nails’. 
I decided to start self-employed, sole trading under the name Sparkle Nails, all I had was a beauty box and a car to undertake mobile work but after too much time away from my children and home, working as many hours as possible, I decided to work from home. After this decision my partner built me a summer house in my garden that became my own personal home-based nail room.  
After 2 years of being run off my feet and not being able to carry my work-load, a shop became available that was close to my home. After a lot of debating and meetings with my Landlord, I decided to go ahead and set a shop up called ‘Sparkle Nails’. From then to now, there has been so much hard work between work and family. I now employ 4 girls and hope to employ more in the future. One of the reasons my shop is so successful is because we only use hand files, which is healthier for the nail. 
After years of being a nail technician, I am now stepping into the world of cosmetic glitters and hope that with a lot of hard work, we as a family can be as successful as I had always hoped. 

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